The Games have me rethinking my whole life

I’m not sure if I have ever felt like a more terrible writer.

Over Christmas break, I spent the majority of my time applying for internships and fixing my edited articles. After re-reading what I wrote and reading my comments, I almost laughed at what I had written.

I realize this blog won’t be sellable because I’m stating I’m a bad writer, but hear me out.

This is an exciting opportunity. Probably one of the most exciting opportunities any journalist could ever ask for, let alone a student journalist. As a group, we were able to travel to a media summit and meet Olympic hopefuls.

After just that event, I was on a high. So I think I came back and put that “high” on paper. I wrote an article because I met someone—lacking angle, lacking purpose and basically my excitement thrown up on paper.


Not only was my journalistic storytelling clouded by “just because” purposes, but I had literally the worst semester of my life. Filled with sleepless nights, no free time and little social interaction, I was a robot quickly malfunctioning.

Back to the point. After starting off my break with the appropriate amount of sleep and rereading some intro to journ books and my past articles, I have developed my critical thinking more. I realize every story needs an angle. I realize every article must have a purpose. And I realize I need to take time to read good articles to develop an original idea and understand good writing.

Most importantly, I understand how to use critical thinking to know when and how a story should be told. It is my goal to do this better—heck, to the best of my ability—in Sochi.

Let the Games begin. (How cliché was that?)


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