“The Check”

Like everyone else who’s going to Russia, I’m freaking out. The realization that I’m actually going in less than four days is blowing my mind, and I feel like I’m underprepared.

I feel like I’m missing something. There’s a form I missed. And considering I filled out quite a few of them, it wouldn’t surprise me if I have.

I don’t even know if I have clothes for this. Granted, I’m spoiled beyond belief and could go almost half a year without wearing the same thing. Trust me, I counted my clothes and became acutely aware that I need to make some donations to Goodwill or a local mission.

Do I have enough money for this? Money got slammed to the forefront of my mind when I wrote the check to pay for this trip. That was the largest check of my own money I’ve ever written. Spending other people’s money is easy. I’ve been doing that my whole life; thanks mom and dad. I’ve written $10,000 dollar checks for previous companies I’ve worked at over the summer. I recently wrote a check for $5,680 on Ball Bearings’ behalf.

Writing checks like that never mattered to me until I wrote one from my own bank account. Who cares if it’s not your money? Spending other people’s dime is easy and doesn’t take any thought. When it’s your own money, holy crap. I’m writing away multiple summers of hard labor. I’m draining the account I labeled as my Ferrari fund (I will own a Ferrari before I die, so I made an account and have been putting money in it since I was 14 years old) so I can go to Russia.

The dream of my shiny red Ferrari is slowly disappearing before my eyes. It feels like a childhood dream is being shattered. Then I think to myself, it’s for an awesome cause, though. I mean, I get to go to Russia and write about the Olympics. How many can say they’ve done that? This is an amazing opportunity that I can showcase to future employers and give that look like, “Yeah I’m the bees knees. What’s up.”

The pain of seeing my childhood dream disappear is totally worth it. I’m going to Russia to have the time of my life and to gain valuable experience that a Ferrari could never teach me.

BSU at the Games is a freelance news agency operated by 22 student journalists reporting from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games through an immersive-learning program at Ball State University.


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