Snowboarder Bretz’ first Dew Tour Win

US Snowboarder Shaun White did not win 1st place at the Dew Tour Mountain Championship.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist took second to US Snowboarder Greg Bretz.

On the second rotation of his second run, Bretz took a fall that halted the rest of his ride and made him unable to top his first run score of a 91.40.

Bretz, told an NBC reporter he landed on his “back, butt area,” but had been working out a lot this summer for that reason. He also suspected White was “going to come through.”

As White began his run, Bretz sat on the side with US Snowboarder Scotty Lago, with his fingers crossed.

White finished with a 90.40 on his second run, putting him second to Bretz’ 91.40 – pulling off an upset.

“My first hit was, I think, a little squirrely and maybe that’s what cost me the win. I’m happy with my run – I did two Doubles and a Double McTwist 12. But yeah, whatever, next comp(etition),” White told the NBC reporter.

Bretz holds only a World Cup victory in Canada in 2008. It was Bretz’ first Dew Tour win.



  1. Greg Bretz – US –  91.40

  2. Shaun White – US  - 90.40

  3. Taylor Gold – US – 89.60

  4. Louie Vito – US – 88.00

  5. S. James – Australia – 85.00

  6. Ayumu Hirano – Japan – 83.80

  7. Danny Davis – US – 81.60

  8. Ben Ferguson – US – 76.80

  9. Benji Farrow – US – 70.60

  10. Christian Haller – Sweden – 69.40


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