Olympic Games are about more than sport

Jeremy Ervin/BSU at the Games


I think Americans really suffer from not having enough exposure to other cultures. Drive a thousand miles in any direction and where you end up will look a lot like where you started. Nearly everyone will still speak English.

The Olympic Games are different. OK, yeah, the official language is still English, but I can’t think of anywhere else where so many people from so many different nations come together for a common purpose. The amount of culture concentrated in that town for those two weeks is a special thing.

All those people are there to enjoy and celebrate something positive: athletic excellence. We need more of that.

And as quickly as it begins, it will end.

Covering the Olympic Games will be my first time out of the country. It seems pretty formidable from where I sit.

A group of my peers and myself are flying out to cover a sporting event with no tickets. The job we’re doing requires us to communicate well, but we do not speak the local language. The area we’re to cover spans three locations and unfamiliar geography.

We have no specific action plan other than “find and record interesting things.”

The reason we’re going (and the reason we have any backing) is because we know there’s going to be something on Sochi. There just has to be.

The Olympic Games have brought people together since before globalization was cool. Exchange of people and ideas spawns growth and change.

Athletes take the center stage in Sochi, but by doing so they also erect a platform for all those who come to cheer in the stands.

This is the place to bring your hometown to the world and see what happens. Cheer your team, make some friends, and leave with more than you came with.

You also have the eye of international media to make your voice heard. If you’ve got a gripe with someone or something, you know it will see the light of day at the Olympic Games.

Point is, there are more than just sports stories to tell. You only have to be willing to find them.


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  1. Great article Jeremy! Enjoy your trip of a lifetime! Be safe and have fun!

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