No money, no ticket to the ceremony

By Jonathan Batuello  |  BSU at the Games

Not having a ticket into the Opening Ceremony left spectators hopeful to get in either out of luck or a lot of money. The ceremony sold out and a few hours before it began, scalping prices in Olympic Park ranged from $1,400 to $4,500.

Multiple people walked around with signs asking for tickets, and almost all gave the same response: nothing was in their price range.

“There are a lot of people looking for tickets. Good luck,” Mark Massely from Connecticut said.

It was a sentiment shared by Hillery Cecil from Atlanta.

“It has not gone well, not well at all,” she said.

Both said they had been in Olympic Park for a few hours looking for tickets without success. Cecil was about to leave, but Massely said he and his two kids would spend a little big longer before heading out.

“We aren’t disappointed we didn’t find tickets, but with the general atmosphere we are,” Cecil said. ”It’s just lackluster, just not very much here.”

This group was one of the last few to have a chance at scalping a ticket in the mall area outside of Olympic Park. Security began escorting anyone without a ticket away from the venue at 5 p.m. Everyone without a ticket then had to follow Massely’s advice and head to various places in London showing the ceremony on television, most notably Victoria and Hyde parks.

This wasn’t a bad option for Massely, though, who said he would head to Hyde Park and enjoy the atmosphere of being in an Olympic city.

“I don’t think we expected to get in (to Olympic Park), so it would be a luxury to go in,” he said. “If not, we’ll watch it like the other 4 billion people (across the world) on the big tube.”

Jonathan Batuello is a graduate student studying journalism at Ball State University and an adviser and writer for BSU at the Games. Follow Jonathan and the BSU team at @jcbatuello@bsuatthegames and

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