No photo’s too humble if it gets me to the Games

Taking photos is one of my absolute favorite things to do. But it’s not always the most fun thing in the world. Sometimes your only job is to make your subject look good. This was the case with the professional head shots that I took of our team. The photos are nothing special—simple head shots. Nothing too exhilarating about counting down from three and pressing the shutter release. But in the end, I’m still taking photos and doing what I love.

Right now, it’s all about doing what I have to do until I get myself over to London to take the “fun photos.” I am extremely (and I can’t stress “extremely” enough) excited to have the opportunity to combine travel and photography. So as far as what I am excited about, well, I’m excited about everything: the food, the culture and especially taking photos.

Corey Ohlenkamp, another team photographer, and I also plan on making a food blog that will include photos and reviews of all of the food we have eaten at different restaurants. Check for links here!

Documenting my experience as a tourist and as a journalist is what makes this trip most exciting.

 Tyler Varnau   Photographer


Author: ColleenSteffen

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