Quote Sheet

Quotes from Our Team

Feel free to use these quotes from our students and advisers in your work. Contact us at news@bsuatthegames.com to arrange interviews.

Ryan Sparrow   |   Project Director/Editor

Ryan is an instructor of journalism at Ball State University.

“Our students will have an opportunity to experience firsthand the thrill, commitment and challenges to cover an event of this magnitude with such a worldwide impact. They also will learn about working as a highly cohesive team functioning on an international stage, a necessary skill in today’s world economy.” [on what students will gain from the program]

“When we began thinking about this project, in the back of my mind I wanted to show journalism students something cool about the media. Nowadays, the industry outlook is really gloom and doom. Getting to go to Dallas and having access to nationally known athletes and coaches is really cool.” [on forming the BSU at the Games program]

“We first thought we would bring five or six reporters to London for a small media trip. The trip exploded to a group of about 40 students from journalism to telecommunications to public relations.” [on forming the BSU at the Games program]

“The idea was to come down and start making a name for ourselves so that we weren’t starting from zero in July. But guess what? We’re already known. As the incredible Vanessa Virbitsky (United States Olympic Committee) introduced us to press agents and athletes, many of them said they’d heard our name or heard of our project already.” [on attending the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas]

“We think Americans will be interested in what life is like in London. We know the major networks will cover the events around the clock, but we want to give people a taste of what life is like for Olympic athletes and visitors while the games are going on.” [on the idea behind the BSU at the Games program]

“Providing students the opportunity to cover one of the world’s most reported on and watched sporting events will give them an experience not many journalism students will have. The students’ original reporting will be showcased in a variety of mediums through our community partners, providing them with terrific experience and exposure.” [on the BSU at the Games program]


Chris Taylor   |   Sports Editor

Chris is an instructor of telecommunications, sports immersion and multimedia at Ball State University.

“We’ve been making connections with athletes in training who may make it to the games in order to get access to them once they are in London. Once we have established a relationship, it’s much easier for the students to pick up the phone to set up an interview.” [on the sports team's preparation and seeking media content]

“This is a relationship business, and we had a tremendous opportunity to cultivate existing relationships and build new ones while in Dallas. It was exciting to represent Ball State, our program and our students at a national media event like this.” [on attending the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas]


Josh Blessing   |   Sports Team Member

Josh is a junior journalism and telecommunications major at Ball State University.

“Being the only college students at the 2012 Team USA Media Summit, I assumed we wouldn’t get a fair chance. I assumed we would be shoved to the side and given limited access. Not the case. We had just as much of an opportunity to speak with the big athletes as anyone else, and we took full advantage of that. As I registered, the lady behind the desk said, ‘Oh, Ball State? We’ve heard about you guys.’ We were respected. People knew who we were and we’d just arrived.” [on attending the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas]

“Perhaps the defining moment for all of us was the opening reception. There we were… a bunch of college kids sitting at a table as America’s top athletes strolled on by. Having athletes come up to me and say they loved my USA Diving piece on Thomas Finchum… nothing can beat that feeling. Nothing.” [on attending the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas]

“BSU at the Games has a chance to do something special here. We have the chance to build our résumés and gain experience in ways other college students will only dream of. This is our chance to stand out from the rest of the  universities and show them what we do in sports media and journalism at Ball State.” [on what sets this program apart and what opportunities it provides to the students involved]


Kait Buck   |   Public Relations Team Member

Kait is a senior public relations and history major at Ball State University.

“Media passes for U.S. reporters are slim as it is, and tickets to the events are super expensive. However, this limited access to the actual events led to another great thing about this program: the idea to provide behind-the-scenes stories. Both now and in London, we’re not out to report the score, but instead to tell the unique stories of the people, places and sports of the Olympic Games.” [on what sets this program apart]