It’s the small things…

So, my blog last week was pretty … emotional. I might have been having a moment as I was writing and used it as a catharsis.

It’s out of my system now. I hope.

It’s important to keep in mind, although I may have been a bit dramatic, I wasn’t exaggerating. We have A LOT to do. And the recent threats and constant disheartening news updates don’t quite help the stress.

Hayli_Goode copy

As I was beginning to gather supplies for my third all-nighter last week, I realized nothing that day made me feel happy or accomplished. There wasn’t much of the day left, so I decided to order Chinese and tackle homework.

Then, as I was attempting to conquer the world this weekend (college girl translation: get some work out of the way so as to survive the week), an athlete whom I had been trying to contact for months messaged me. He wasn’t able to talk on the phone, but Facebook messaging would suffice. He was in Germany and still took time out of competitions to speak with me.

That made me happy.

Then, as the night went on, I found out one of the snowboarders I met in at the media summit Park City, Utah, whom I unfortunately wasn’t able to interview, made it onto the U.S. Olympic Team. Two days ago. I was a little late, but I tweeted at him, ending with a “P.S. You still owe me an interview!”

He retweeted it and responded. We now have an interview set up. And (sort of) a plan to meet in Sochi.

That, too, made me happy.

Things are not going to get easier as we get closer to the Games. And it sounds like we’re all at the point of being tired of talking about it and just ready to go. But with everything going on, I think it’s important to find joy in something. Otherwise, we’re going to produce terrible work, and we will get burnt out—or we will just not be fun to be around.

With the number of days before we embark, it’s easy to think in only to-do lists and sleepless nights and days of anxiety. Nothing good is going to come of that.

We can’t change the fact that we’re busy, but we can decide what’s going to make us happy before we go.

After all, even Olympic athletes have a little fun.


BSU at the Games is a freelance news agency operated by 22 student journalists reporting from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games through an immersive-learning program at Ball State University.



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