Go out on the town: The bar guide to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Traveling to a new country has its shares of ups and downs. You get to experience new culture, but you have to leave your favorite bar or club behind. Finding one that suits your desires could be difficult and frustrating.

Luckily, customer reviews and tour guide Pavel Senkiv have narrowed down a long list of nightspots in Sochi, Russia, if you’re heading there for the Olympic Games.

Harat’s Pub


Sochi, Embankment, Tchaikovsky 34


Harat’s Pub


With a slogan like “adds Ireland to your blood,” the bartender should be pumping Guinness through an IV. Instead, they sell it for $9 a glass, according to Harat’s website. For that price, one can get an entire meal from the 12-page menu full of food ranging from chicken wings to pasta to calamari rings. On vk.com, Russia’s most popular social-media site, pictures show just how hard they party Irish-style. Cheers, lad.

Pervaya Rakovaya


Adler. str. Sverdlov, 70A

Are you going to the Olympics but can’t afford the ridiculously priced tickets? Don’t fret. This warm sports bar will be airing events live while serving beer and live cancer. They even deliver the cancer in 40 minutes. Don’t worry: The bar’s optimistic website promises, “Cancer—the very best snack!”

(Hint: Cancer is a rough translation for crab.)

“It’s a small but cozy place to watch foo … sorry soccer games, and have some beer,” Senkiv said.

Bar London


Sochi, Central district, st. Nessebar, 6

Dance floor. Live music. Karaoke bar. This little piece of London stashed away along the Black Sea sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends. Not to mention it’s open 24/7.

But wait, there’s a catch. Bar London is expensive. According to the website, a gin and tonic will set you back $12, and that’s a cheap drink. If you’re on a budget, you might want to find a cheaper place and avoid spending your entire trip budget in one night.

Treugol’nik rock bar


Adler, md. Svetlana str. Black Sea, 14

No pop music—classic and contemporary rock music only. This bar has some of the best qualities for a night out: loud music, dinner, beer, milkshakes and arm wrestling. The prices aren’t bad either. The schedule on the bar’s website has a detailed line-up during the Games, including a tribute to Kurt Cobain on Feb. 22.

“Beer, cigarette smoke and rock,” Senkiv said. “Sometimes everyone sings along to Russian rock songs. Yeah, Russian rock exists.”

Cabaret Mayak


Sochi, Соколова 1

The only gay bar in Sochi, Cabaret Mayak’s website homepage is paying tribute to the biggest sporting event in the world with a poster of drag queens recreating the Games.

The bar, known for one of the only drag shows in Russia, has been in the limelight the last few months as visitors worry about the LGBT laws in Sochi. With that much attention, the performers could be raking in a lot of money during the Olympic Games.

Abba Bar


Sochi, 1 Egorova St.

Mama Mia! An entire bar dedicated to the Swedish pop group ABBA. Enough said. The bar is decked out in retro style with records and a disco hall. The dedication to ABBA is taken a step further with an ever-changing menu that coordinates with memorable dates of the group’s history, according to travel.ru. Step into the time machine and let the dancing queen take over.


BSU at the Games is a freelance news agency operated by 22 student journalists reporting from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games through an immersive-learning program at Ball State University.



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