Better late than never

By Dominique Stewart

I have this philosophy where I have to accept any opportunity that the universe puts in my path. Not because I’m affiliated with any organized religion, but because you don’t get anywhere in life by saying no.

So when I got the opportunity to join BSU at the Games, I had to accept. Even if it meant scraping funds together, running across state lines to get a passport and living off of ramen noodles for the rest of the semester.
I’m a broke college student; there were no sacrifices.

The problem with saying yes is you never know what you got yourself into until you pay the $500 non-refundable deposit that seals your fate.

I began realizing that joining the program four weeks before departure may not have been my best decision of 2014. That I’ll be dedicating each day to playing catch-up and figuring out what to do in the hopes of being on the same chaotic level as the rest of my peers. That maybe I should have read the news more often to see the current situation in Russia. In other words, determining factors that a rational person takes into account before making big decisions, not when, well, “the universe told me so.”

The great thing about saying yes to the universe is that it never gives you anything you cannot handle. Even if it feels like you’re in over your head, it’s manageable.

So I accept the moments of disarray and cross my fingers that security at Sochi is airtight.

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