Spending an hour with New York Times’ Joe Ward

Being on the graphics team for BSU at the Games is an incredible experience.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go to London and strengthen my skills as a journalist as well as broaden my horizons as a person.

One of the ways that we’ve been preparing ourselves before we go to London is figuring out what type of graphics to make.  Last week, we had the opportunity to Skype with the graphics editor of The New York Times, Joe Ward.

Joe was very helpful when he spoke with the class.  He and his graphics team have created incredible graphics for coverage of past Olympic Games. Their projects range from interactive maps of medalists to video features of specific winners and sports.  Their concepts and creativity within the end product is simply amazing. We wanted to know how to pull off the same type of professional work and how to get our audience interested.

Joe’s advice was to search for interesting stories that are unique. When the Olympic GUames start, everyone will be covering who won each event and what times they scored.What Joe told us to focus on are stories that revolve around individuals–stories that people will remember. It’s not about the number of medals or certain times that athletes make; it’s about the emotions and the way they reached where they are  now.

I’m very excited for all the opportunities that this trip will give us, and I know that our team will create outstanding graphics that will be remembered. Joe was so helpful, and I’m glad we had the chance to get his opinion.

Jennifer Prandato  |  Graphic Designer


Author: ColleenSteffen

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